At its location in Schleswig-Holstein, far in the north of Germany, the MELDORFER® factory has been producing high-quality flat facing bricks using traditional artisan methods for around 40 years now. Inspired by nature, the unique appearance of our products lends a special, one-of-a-kind quality to any building.

Original Meldorfer®

Hand-crafted quality

Original Meldorfer® bricks have a low weight and are very thin when applied in comparison to solid bricks and brick slips, meaning less time spent on handling and lower costs. 

They are suitable for use on façade insulation systems, ventilated curtain wall façades, monolithic structures, combination façades and interior areas.


Original Meldorfer® bricks are made of natural sand, ground stone and mineral fillers.
Brick Slips and Slim Bricks
All Change
Project report: TRYP Hotel, Wolfsburg
Brick Slips and Slim Bricks
Historical preservation
With Original Meldorfer® Brick Slips and Slim Bricks
Brick Slips Interiors
A Flexible Choice
For rooms with character
Brick Slips and Slim Bricks
Made in Germany
About the Meldorfer ® factory in Schleswig-Holstein

Werk Nindorf
Bargenstedter Str.
5 25704 Nindorf

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