ORIGINAL MELDORFER® products and flat facing bricks can be applied on almost any substrate. They have a low weight and are very thin when applied in comparison to solid bricks and brick slips, meaning less time spent on handling and lower costs. They are suitable for use on façade insulation systems, ventilated curtain wall façades, monolithic structures, combination façades and interior areas.

Technology in perfect harmony

Solutions by design

Original Meldorfer® products are applied on any insulation system, regardless of the insulation material thickness. What’s more, they can be applied to insulation panels made from mineral wool, EPS or polyurethane. Unlike conventional systems that use hard surfaces, there is not always the need for additional anchoring, and the insulation only requires 40 percent adhesive coverage. There is no need for field demarcation joints.

The adhesion and joint formation processes are carried out in a single step using just one material. The surfaces retain their value outstandingly well and are exceptionally durable – as well as frost-resistant, UV-stable, quick-drying and able to withstand mechanical strain. Whether they’re used outdoors or indoors, the truly versatile products from the Original Meldorfer® brand offer outstanding technical attributes at the right price, and can help make any design dream come true.

Meldorfer  low weight and are very thin bricks and brick slips
    • Natural material made up of sand, ground stone, fillers and binding agents
    • Saves time and costs during processing, compared to conventional hard surface systems
    • Exceptionally durable – comparable to brick slips
    • Slim material structure (around 8 millimetres, including adhesive)
    • Low weight (around 5 kilograms per square metre)
    • Versatile: can be used with thermal insulation systems, ventilated curtain wall façade systems, monolithic structures and interiors
    • Resistant to mechanical strain and frost; quick-drying surfaces
    • Versatile design options ranging from classic brick appearances to customised artistic design concepts
    • Can be used on mineral wool and EPS insulation panels
    • Non-combustible or low flammability, depending on the selected system type


    • System
      Thermal insulation system, ventilated curtain wall façade system or monolithic system with adhesive-mounted flat facing bricks
    • Surfaces
      Smooth or grained, all sanded
    • Formats
      Versatile design options based on laying pattern (random bonding, cross bonding, header bonding); multi-formats, long formats, other custom formats available
    • Joint sealing compounds
      Material can be custom-coloured
    • Insulation
      Dependent on insulant (mineral wool or EPS, for example) and, in Germany, the general construction type approval
    • Fire behaviour
      Dependent on the selected system type (non-combustible systems may be an option if mineral wool is being used, for example)

Insulating Materials & Manufacture Methods

Original Meldorfer® products can be used on a range of different insulants. They are even suitable for monolithic structures.

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